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  • In Development
  • Done
  • Last Updated: March 23rd, 2020
Closed Alpha 1 - Network Test Status: Done!


  •   Test the network functionality and make sure everything is holding up
  •   First pass of gathering bugs, crashes and game balancing data

The Tester Experience

  •   One playable Expedition in one Environment (environment)
  •   All players get a set inventory of weapons and tools to try out (no gear progression)
  •   You can only play with the friends on your Steam account
  •   No persistent inventory
  •   No in game voice chat

Main Features

  •   Support for small incremental game updates
  •   Decide on hardware specifications
  •   Quick restart of Expeditions
  •   “Friends only” matchmaking
  •   Support for drop-in joining
  •   “Warden objective” system update
  •   Weapons specific for Closed Alpha 1
  •   Tools specific for Closed Alpha 1
  •   Player Character 1
  •   Player Character 2
  •   Player Character 3
  •   Player Character 4
  •   Basic menu options for input and graphics
  •   Data gathering/Analytics (for future game balancing)
  •   Closed Alpha 1 tutorial videos
  •   Default set of enemy abilities
  •   Placement in level of temp-loot and consumable items
  •   Expedition updates and bug fixes to the level
  •   Update elevator sequence graphics
  •   Bug fixing and optimization
  •   Fire animations on the weapons
  •   Weapon reload animations
  •   Menu update, flow and graphics
  •   Playtests in office
  •   Gameplay and communication fixes from feedback
  •   Glue/Foam system update for doors
  •   Improved melee targeting and communication
  •   First version of player ping system and updated player compass
  •   Shader driven GUI system
  •   New models for consumables
  •   Player HUD Update
  •   Feature Creep
  •   Family time: Vacation
  •   Pre-Alpha testing
  •   Sneaking mechanic updates
  •   Sights and tool graphic updates
  •   New elevator design
  •   Text chat
  •   Simple version of the ping system
  •   HUD update
  •   Improved hacking minigames
Continuous Beta Testing Status: Done!


  •   Test critical parts of GTFO leading up to the Early Access

The Beta Experience

  •   During this period there will be one or more betas containing limited parts of the game
  •   A beta can contain one or more expeditions and a limited set of features depending on what we need to test
  •   You can only play with friends on your Steam account

Main Features

  •   Analyze Alpha 1, gather feedback and issues
  •   Optimization pass
Early Access Release 0.1 Status: Done!


  •   Move the development of GTFO from theory to practice by releasing it into the wild
  •   Develop all the major features needed until we reach version 1.0
  •   Reduce the financial risk of the project

The Early Access Experience

  •   Access to the latest stabilized version of GTFO
  •   The experience will vary depending on whats present in the Rundown
  •   Initially, no persitent inventory or weapon drops
  •   No Matchmaking, friends only. Matchmaking needs to be done in a way that fits the demanding teamplay of GTFO, until then Early Access is friends only.
  •   No in game voice chat for now

Main Features

  •   Rundown #001 (Six Expeditions)
  •   New Environment: "Refinery"
  •   New Weapon: Combat Shotgun
  •   New Tool: Sentry shotgun
  •   Expedition progression save system
  •   Additional settings exposed
  •   Testing and bug fixing
  •   General frame cost optimizations
  •   Memory optimizations
  •   Fix for combat music gettings stuck
  •   Fix for the worst cases of framerate stuttering
  •   Fix that makes "Exclusive Fullscreen" mode more performant in some systems
Rundown #002 Status: In development


  •   New challenges! Variation in terms of objectives and expedition environment
  •   Bug fixes and tweaks based on feedback

Main Features

  •   New Expeditions: Planning
  •   New Expeditions: Implement new warden objective logic
  •   New Environment: "Dig Site"
  •   Level design and testing iterations - Tier A
  •   Level design and testing iterations - Tier B
  •   Level design and testing iterations - Tier C
  •   Level design and testing iterations - Tier D
  •   Level design and testing iterations - Tier E
  •   Support for rundown specific gear
  •   New Gear: Burst Rifle, Machinepistol, Updated Machinegun
  •   New Consumable(s): To be revealed
  •   New Enemy variations: Will not be revealed:)
  •   Improved weapon sounds
  •   PAX East with Overtone
  •   On Screen liquid system
  •   Bug hunter group applications process
  •   Bug fixing
  •   Final testing

What is the backlog?

  •   The GTFO Early Access backlog gives an overview of the bigger features we are looking at implementing during the time GTFO is in Early Access.
  •   We will not promise specific dates for the backlog items but rather move them into production when it's time.
  •   The backlog will be updated, we believe in the items we put here, but things can always happen that makes them change.

New Features

  •   Matchmaking: Ticketing backend
  •   Matchmaking: Menus
  •   Matchmaking: Voice Chat
  •   Matchmaking: Kick / Ban
  •   Matchmaking: Server Migration
  •   Expeditions with layered difficulty
  •   Player character customization
  •   Expedition rewards
  •   Gear progression
  •   Progression linked expeditions
  •   Menu localization
  •   Steam achievements
  •   Gamepad support
  •   Updated weapon animations
  •   Updated player melee animations

More of the good stuff

  •   More Enemies
  •   More Warden objectives
  •   More Environments
  •   More Gear
  •   More Consumables
  •   More Hacking Minigames
  •   More Level interaction from terminal system