GTFO is entering the testing stage, during which we will maintain this public roadmap so that you know what to look forward to. It is not a contract or a promise and it will be altered as we, through the tests, learn things about the game and how you enjoy it.

The roadmap contains no dates because we can’t know ahead of time how much testing any given feature requires. Your playtests and feedback will help us make GTFO shine - there’s no better way to develop a game focused on cooperation than in cooperation with its community!

Apart from the main features listed in the Roadmap, we will of course be working constantly to fix bugs and crashes, add content like sound, music and environments as well as adding and balancing weapons and tools.

If you want to know more about what we have to say about the test stage, the roadmap and early access, you can read more here.
Last Updated: June 27th, 2019
In Development
Status: Stabilizing / Bugfixing
CLOSED ALPHA 1 - Network Test
  • Test the network functionality and make sure everything is holding up
  • First pass of gathering bugs, crashes and game balancing data
The Tester Experience
  • One playable Expedition in one sub-complex (environment)
  • All players get a set inventory of weapons and tools to try out (no gear progression)
  • You can only play with the friends on your Steam account
  • No persistent inventory
  • No in game communication
Main Features
  • Support for small incremental game updates
  • Decide on hardware specifications
  • Quick restart of Expeditions
  • “Friends only” matchmaking
  • Support for drop-in joining
  • “Warden objective” system update
  • Weapons specific for Closed Alpha 1
  • Tools specific for Closed Alpha 1
  • Player Character 1
  • Player Character 2
  • Player Character 3
  • Player Character 4
  • Basic menu options for input and graphics
  • Data gathering functionality (for future game balancing)
  • Closed Alpha 1 tutorial videos
  • Default set of enemy abilities
  • Placement in level of temp-loot and consumable items
  • Expedition updates and bug fixes to the level
  • Update elevator sequence graphics
  • Bug fixing and optimization
  • Fire animations on the weapons
  • Community Suggestion: Weapon reload animations
  • Menu update, flow and graphics
  • Playtests in office
  • Gameplay and communication fixes from feedback
  • Glue/Foam system update for doors
  • Improved melee targeting and communication
  • First version of player ping system and updated player compass
  • Shader driven GUI system
  • New models for consumables
  • Player HUD Update
  • Feature Creep
  • Family time: Vacation
CLOSED ALPHA 2 - Expedition Rewards
  • Test variation between different expeditions and different objectives
  • Test getting rewards from Expeditions (NOTE: Will most likely be wiped)
  • Test our communications systems
The Tester Experience
  • Three new, unique playable Expeditions in two sub-complexes
  • At least two different objectives to play
  • You can only play with friends on your Steam account
Main Features
  • Bug fixes from Closed Alpha 1
  • Gameplay balancing from Closed Alpha 1
  • Persistent rewards for Expeditions - test
  • Difficulty paths
  • Text chat
  • Voice chat
  • Simple version of the ping system
  • HUD update
  • Improved hacking minigames
  • More decals in the environment (blood splatter and disgusting stuff)
  • New elevator design
To Be Decided
To Be Decided
Early Access
To Be Decided