Prisoners, it’s time to beat that current Rundown – the next one, named The Vessel, will be released on June 11th!

Content, content, content!
As usual, the update will bring a lot of new content. Let us list a couple of things. 

  • A new environment! It is called Lab, which might give you an idea of how it will look and feel
  • Seven new expeditions
  • A bunch of new weapons
  • A, to put it mildly, horrifying, all-new enemy

As tradition has with GTFO, we don’t want to show too much and let you enjoy most of the stuff for the first time in the game. We can, however, tell you that one of the developer’s younger family members have been involved in recording the sounds coming out of the new horrifying thingy.

Connect the dots – more storytelling!
Something we’re very excited about with this Rundown, is more story. The story of GTFO has been something of a mysterium, and it will partly stay that way: it brings us as a community more together in discussions and in helping each other find the clues to figure it out. We love that! 

In this Rundown, you will be able to find more of these clues and start connecting the dots of what is happening down in the Complex…

We’re investing in GTFO
Money talks. We’ve been making investments to make sure GTFO is the high-quality hardcore experience you need, and help us in the journey towards Version 1.0. 

For help with storytelling, we got – since earlier in the development – Adam Gascoine, who has been working on games such as DOOM, DOOM Eternal, and The Last of Us. We have also added strength in programming, and we have found someone very fitting for GTFO for support with art and design. We hope to be able to disclose who this is very soon!

Steam Trading Cards and addressing match-making
Other than all this glorious in-game content, we will also be adding Steam Trading Cards to GTFO when launching this Rundown. So you’ll be able to collect and trade GTFO themed cards! Nice. 

Match-making. We know. Some of you Really – Want – It! And we’re working on it, for real, but it’s not yet ready for this Rundown. We’re doing it the right way, fitting for GTFO, and that takes time. 

Until then, don’t forget our Discord that is booming right now. We’re over 185 000 members and one of the most active servers there is. If you haven’t, join us now!

Take care, stay safe, wash your hands, and thanks for your support!