Rundown #002
We are very excited to have started work on Rundown #002. The main focus of this update is going to be new challenges in the shape of Warden objectives and a new Environment called "Dig Site." Since we don't want to spoil the experience of discovering new expeditions (and the surprises they may contain) we won't go into much detail regarding what enemies or objectives you are going to encounter.

We know you want more details but as you understand it's a tough balancing act to pull off - still, you can expect further updates on Rundown #002 in a not too distant future. We want to keep you in the loop just enough! ;)

The road to matchmaking
Rundown #002 will not contain matchmaking. We are aware of the demand and it is coming, features like matchmaking takes time with a small development team like ours. We want to do GTFO justice and implement matchmaking with all features we think are required; a sturdy matchmaking backend, voice chat, vote/kick system and server migration.

We are going to work on matchmaking in parallel with the upcoming rundowns, you can follow the progress in this roadmap in the “Backlog” section.

Also; be on the lookout for teasers and "leaks" from the development, on the official GTFO Discord server!

/10 Chambers Collective
Last Updated: March 23rd, 2020
In Development
Status: Done!
Closed Alpha 1 - Network Test
  • Test the network functionality and make sure everything is holding up
  • First pass of gathering bugs, crashes and game balancing data
The Tester Experience
  • One playable Expedition in one Environment (environment)
  • All players get a set inventory of weapons and tools to try out (no gear progression)
  • You can only play with the friends on your Steam account
  • No persistent inventory
  • No in game voice chat
Main Features
  • Support for small incremental game updates
  • Decide on hardware specifications
  • Quick restart of Expeditions
  • “Friends only” matchmaking
  • Support for drop-in joining
  • “Warden objective” system update
  • Weapons specific for Closed Alpha 1
  • Tools specific for Closed Alpha 1
  • Player Character 1
  • Player Character 2
  • Player Character 3
  • Player Character 4
  • Basic menu options for input and graphics
  • Data gathering/Analytics (for future game balancing)
  • Closed Alpha 1 tutorial videos
  • Default set of enemy abilities
  • Placement in level of temp-loot and consumable items
  • Expedition updates and bug fixes to the level
  • Update elevator sequence graphics
  • Bug fixing and optimization
  • Fire animations on the weapons
  • Weapon reload animations
  • Menu update, flow and graphics
  • Playtests in office
  • Gameplay and communication fixes from feedback
  • Glue/Foam system update for doors
  • Improved melee targeting and communication
  • First version of player ping system and updated player compass
  • Shader driven GUI system
  • New models for consumables
  • Player HUD Update
  • Feature Creep
  • Family time: Vacation
  • Pre-Alpha testing
  • Sneaking mechanic updates
  • Sights and tool graphic updates
  • New elevator design
  • Text chat
  • Simple version of the ping system
  • HUD update
  • Improved hacking minigames
Status: Done!
Continuous Beta Testing
  • Test critical parts of GTFO leading up to the Early Access
The Beta Experience
  • During this period there will be one or more betas containing limited parts of the game
  • A beta can contain one or more expeditions and a limited set of features depending on what we need to test
  • You can only play with friends on your Steam account
Main Features
  • Analyze Alpha 1, gather feedback and issues
  • Optimization pass
Status: Done!
Early Access Release 0.1
  • Move the development of GTFO from theory to practice by releasing it into the wild
  • Develop all the major features needed until we reach version 1.0
  • Reduce the financial risk of the project
The Early Access Experience
  • Access to the latest stabilized version of GTFO
  • The experience will vary depending on whats present in the Rundown
  • Initially, no persitent inventory or weapon drops
  • No Matchmaking, friends only. Matchmaking needs to be done in a way that fits the demanding teamplay of GTFO, until then Early Access is friends only.
  • No in game voice chat for now
Main Features
  • Rundown #001 (Six Expeditions)
  • New Environment: "Refinery"
  • New Weapon: Combat Shotgun
  • New Tool: Sentry shotgun
  • Expedition progression save system
  • Additional settings exposed
  • Testing and bug fixing
  • General frame cost optimizations
  • Memory optimizations
  • Fix for combat music gettings stuck
  • Fix for the worst cases of framerate stuttering
  • Fix that makes "Exclusive Fullscreen" mode more performant in some systems
Status: In development
Rundown #002
  • New challenges! Variation in terms of objectives and expedition environment
  • Bug fixes and tweaks based on feedback
Main Features
  • New Expeditions: Planning
  • New Expeditions: Implement new warden objective logic
  • New Environment: "Dig Site"
  • Level design and testing iterations - Tier A
  • Level design and testing iterations - Tier B
  • Level design and testing iterations - Tier C
  • Level design and testing iterations - Tier D
  • Level design and testing iterations - Tier E
  • Support for rundown specific gear
  • New Gear: Burst Rifle, Machinepistol, Updated Machinegun
  • New Consumable(s): To be revealed
  • New Enemy variations: Will not be revealed:)
  • Improved weapon sounds
  • PAX East with Overtone
  • On Screen liquid system
  • Bug hunter group applications process
  • Bug fixing
  • Final testing
What is the backlog?
  • The GTFO Early Access backlog gives an overview of the bigger features we are looking at implementing during the time GTFO is in Early Access.
  • We will not promise specific dates for the backlog items but rather move them into production when it's time.
  • The backlog will be updated, we believe in the items we put here, but things can always happen that makes them change.
New Features
  • Matchmaking: Ticketing backend
  • Matchmaking: Menus
  • Matchmaking: Voice Chat
  • Matchmaking: Kick / Ban
  • Matchmaking: Server Migration
  • Expeditions with layered difficulty
  • Player character customization
  • Expedition rewards
  • Gear progression
  • Progression linked expeditions
  • Menu localization
  • Steam achievements
  • Gamepad support
  • Updated weapon animations
  • Updated player melee animations
More of the good stuff
  • More Enemies
  • More Warden objectives
  • More Environments
  • More Gear
  • More Consumables
  • More Hacking Minigames
  • More Level interaction from terminal system