Code of Conduct

GTFO’s Code of Conduct exists to create a community where everyone feels included. All players should be able to enjoy a gruesome death in the Complex without feeling bullied, harassed, or excluded. Make it happen by observing these guidelines when joining GTFO spaces, including chats, forums, and social media channels.

  • Respect the right of other players to have a great time suffering in the Complex.
  • Never use discriminatory language, including but not limited to references to race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sex, sexual preference, or religion.
  • Do not use hate speech or publish hate content.
  • Keep it clean by avoiding pornographic and explicit content.
  • Don’t do things that make others feel threatened or promote behavior that does.
  • Don’t cheat, and don’t help others cheat. You’ll feel terrible about yourself, and everyone will judge you.
  • Keep all account information private and secure.
  • Never play using some else’s account.
  • Turn off IP proxies that disguise your location.
  • Observe local laws just like you do in real life.

Please join the GTFO Discord server and speak to our team to report toxic behavior on our platforms. Or to proclaim your love for the game. Both work. 


And if you’re not sure if what you’re doing adheres to our Code of Conduct, it probably doesn’t. We reserve the right to restrict players who contravene these guidelines so that our community remains open and positive.

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