The Rundown

When your team is dropped into the Complex, you enter the Rundown. It’s a sequence of expeditions issued by the Warden, the unknown entity ­holding you ­captive.

The Warden has issued a new work order 

A new work order from the Warden means a new Rundown. Survive all the expeditions to complete your mission and clear the Rundown. Of course, the further down you go into this abandoned research facility, the tougher things get. But that won't stop you because while you don't know what the Warden is up to, your program doesn’t allow for questions. 


Final Edition

With the release of Rundown 8.0, the story of the four prisoners has been brought to an end. With more than 80 expeditions, GTFO has more suffering to offer than most people can handle. Good luck, prisoner.