The Prisoners

You’re imprisoned in Hydrostasis, a lifeless sleep that obliterates memory. When you awaken, only fragments of your criminal past remain. It's instinct that keeps you alive, and it’s telling you that survival in the Complex means working together. Listen to it or die.

It doesn't matter where they're from or how they got on your team. What matters is that there are four of you and that you trust each other. Fill your lineup with friends, AI bots or join our Discord to matchmake with our 200 000+ community members.


Woods, Isaiah F-2056

Isaiah Woods was a religious man of honor and courage who saw too much. The brutality of combat changed him from a spiritual man to a ticking time bomb. When his fuse finally burned down, he went on a rampage and justified it as divine retribution for the evils he saw around him. Even now, with no memory of the carnage he wrought, he feels the presence of God flowing through him. Some fires burn too deep to smother.


Hackett, Aiden O-4711

The first person to admit Hackett isn’t cut out for this world is Hackett. Even as a child, his feral mind was a deadly force. When he joined the military, discipline loosened the grip of his dark impulses, but nature always finds a way. Inevitably, Hackett’s instinctive cruelty was unleashed on a peacekeeping mission that couldn’t have gone more wrong. Clear-eyed about his actions, Hackett knew that redemption would cost him life as he knew it.


Bishop, Frank GO-1395

A lifetime ago, Frank Bishop made a losing bet. He’d robbed, kidnapped, and trafficked in a bid for fortune and power. This time, it was blackmail, but things didn’t go to plan. His target turned the tables, condemning him to years of brutal captivity. The torture and deprivation he endured ended with Bishop suffering an even worse fate: Hydrostasis. Now, unable to remember the man who destroyed him, he’s left with only the rage and mistrust that sustained his tragic existence.


Dauda, Abeo T-3701

A brilliant young mind. A groundbreaking researcher. A pillar of the scientific community. Nigerian-born psychopharmacologist Abeo Dauda was all of those things before his obsessive ambition broke his moral compass. Dauda’s blindness to the human cost of his experiments made him indispensable to unscrupulous drug companies. As long as they stayed out of his way, he didn’t question them. By the time he realized the depravity of the people he worked for, it was

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