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Take your place in the GTFO community by joining our Discord. Meet other players, ask questions, and exchange theories. It's the best way to stay updated about new Rundowns, streams, and more.

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Ambassadors are the first to know about GTFO events, offers, and streams. You'll get previews of new Rundowns, too, including the weapons, creatures, and items exclusive to that release. We'll also give you behind-the-scenes look at what 10 Chambers is up to, including upcoming projects. Register today.

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Everyone is welcome to die in GTFO

If you join our community, you play by the GTFO Code of Conduct. Spoiler! No one should feel excluded for any reason, and we do not tolerate bullying behavior or harassment. It's not complicated, but it is important.

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There's a lot to know. Find more on Reddit and the fan-led GTFO Wiki.