Thu Oct 20 2022

ALT://Rundown 1.0 is out – GTFO will only grow from here

Your fight for the future begins in the past.

Welcome back to The Complex, prisoners. With ALT://Rundown 1.0 we are going back to where it all began. However, your memories may fail you as this nightmare is not what it used to be. When you revisit the six expeditions you will realize that things have changed down there — and not for the better. You must work together or you will die together.

And die you will. With no checkpoints, these challenges come with no second (third, fourth or fifth) chances. Your ability to adapt and survive will be tested just as before, but with the added bonuses of boosters and bots if you need a helping hand to extract safely.

If you would happen to clear all expeditions in ALT://Rundown 1.0 you will be rewarded with the Omneco Pro-Tech Mark I mask.


In this second phase of GTFO we will not remove any expeditions and with every revisited Rundown the number of available experiences will only grow.