Thu Jan 27 2022

Collect the first limited GTFO helmet this weekend

Celebrate Lunar New Year with our first limited event.


We’re about one month into the current Rundown, and we’re seeing progress in how the Prisoners are executing their objectives. To motivate you even more we will reward any successful attempts at any of the expeditions in the current Rundown. If you survive any of these, you will be given a limited helmet; the Oblique Tigris.

This helmet will only be possible to acquire between January 27 (9:55 am PT) and February 3 (10:00 am PT). So get down there, Prisoner! If you succeed, you will get to keep this helmet forever.


Lunar mask_16x9_A.jpg

The reason for this helmet is the celebration of Lunar New Year – the Year of The Tiger - and the current Lunar New Year Sale on Steam (psst, GTFO is currently 20% off – go tell your non-GTFO-playing friends!). 

We hope to do more of these in-game events in the future – but as this is the first-ever limited GTFO helmet, consider it a true gem. And good luck down in the Complex, Prisoner!

[Make sure to update to the latest build to be able to participate]