Plan and execute heists through industrial espionage, sabotage, theft and assassinations. Gather your crew, decide the best approach, acquire the weapons, gadgets and intel, penetrate the security systems and execute the heist.

Announced at The Game Awards in December of 2023, Den of Wolves is our next game. It’s a cooperative heist FPS where you and your friends operate as criminals-for-hire in Midway City, an unregulated innovation zone. You take advantage of the growing need for "unauthorized errands" created by rival business entities in this corporate haven.

With Den of Wolves, we are creating an action-packed techno-thriller – a session-based cooperative heist shooter where you can make your mark whether you have 20 minutes or 2 hours to play.

Founded by an elite consortium of global corporations, Midway Island is an unregulated innovation zone created to combat a global data security threat caused by deep learning AI.

With no human rights agencies to appease, they developed a new data transmission and storage concept based on the human brain – so fundamentally different from traditional network architecture, AI couldn’t navigate it.

With security came market confidence, and now Midway City has become a sprawling nerve center for international trade – it is the new land of opportunity; and where there is opportunity, crime finds a way...



Missions are dynamic and unpredictable as your crew are thrown from stealth to full-on action and back in mind-bending scenarios. Den of Wolves is about taking down scores together with your crew — and hopefully gaining some new friends along the way.