Mon Feb 28 2022

GTFO reviews are in!

Almost three months have passed since we launched GTFO 1.0 and we couldn’t be prouder. The response from the gaming press and our awesome community has been fantastic. The ongoing success of GTFO is all thanks to you and if you are enjoying the game, please leave a review on Steam.


Here are some of our favorite quotes from reviews across the web. 


“Games have become increasingly streamlined, but GTFO is a loud, proud step in the reverse direction”

8/10 – IGN 


“It's a work of unmissable claustrophobia”

8/10 – EDGE 


“If you’ve been craving an FPS that tests your critical thinking and mechanical skills, then GTFO might just be the perfect hidden gem to satiate that ravenous hunger.”

8/10 – Gameinformer 


“10 Chambers has developed a content-packed co-op shooter where it's exhilarating to succeed - and, crucially, it can even be fun to fail”

4/5 – Screenrant