Learn more about the future of GTFO

In late August we shared our plan on how future Rundowns in GTFO will work — the previous ones are coming back and we will be keeping all new content as it is added. We are kicking it off where it all started, by granting access to ALT://Rundown 1.0 in a couple of weeks. All six maps in this first set of expeditions are returning, alongside old favorite weapons, but some things have changed… 

ALT://Rundown 1.0 deepens the mystery of The Complex even further. Prepare to enter a new dimension of terror, where the past is reborn with sharper teeth and tougher challenges. You must remaster your skills and hone your teamwork if you are to survive this new, but familiar, nightmare.

For many prisoners, these expeditions are new horrors and we want to give you ample time to prepare for Rundown 8.0, which will now release after the previous ones are revisited. 


With this second phase of our plan for GTFO we are committed to continuing to add on the available expeditions at any given time. While at the same time shining new light on the dark parts of The Complex, giving you even more extreme challenges.

GTFO will continue to grow from here.