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Mon Jun 13 2022

Play GTFO for free this weekend!

Recruit your fellow prisoners for a co-op experience they won’t forget

Unplug from reality and descend into the nightmare world of GTFO for free all this weekend. A couple of hours after the release of Rundown 7.0 Rise on Thursday you can, for the first time, try the game for free. So don’t miss your chance to discover this extreme cooperative horror shooter. 

The Free Weekend unlocks at 10:00 PST Thursday, June 16th. Kick ass all weekend until 10:00 PST Monday, June 20th. And if you choose to buy the game during the free trial, your progress in Rundown 7.0 will be saved. 

Played before? Recruit new prisoners to your squad!

GTFO has bots but it’s always better with people you trust. If your friends are not up to the task you can easily find more on our official Discord server

If you’re a new prisoner, watch this video explainer to gather the information you need about Rundowns and the Complex. 

Your fight for survival begins.