Wed Dec 07 2022

Relive and [re]die — ALT://Rundown 2.0 Infection is out now!

Accept the tingling embrace of the infectious fog.

Prisoners, it’s time to return to Rundown 2.0, released back in March 2020 following the success of the Early Access release a couple of months before. And if you thought that ALT://Rundown 1.0 was a breeze you just need to read the name “Infection” to understand that this will be more of a challenge. 


In ALT://Rundown 2.0 Infection, you are tasked with retrieving a neonate Hydro Stasis Unit (HSU) and bringing it through a mysterious process involving various machines. While doing so, you and your team will catch a glimpse of the state of the world outside the nightmarish undergrounds of GTFO. But are your memories true?


Your arsenal has been upgraded with two main weapons from Rundown 2.0. The Malatack CH 4 Burst Rifle and Raptus Treffen 2 Machine Pistol are now back at your disposal.


Finish all expeditions to get the new HF Tardigrade C helmet. Wear it with pride, as it proves you’ve been to hell and back.

In this second phase of GTFO we will not remove any expeditions and with every revisited Rundown the number of available experiences will only grow. We are committed to continuing to add on the available expeditions at any given time — while at the same time shining new light on the dark parts of The Complex, giving you even more extreme challenges.