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Fri Apr 01 2022

Easy Mode launches today!*

Get access to more health packs in The Complex.

The vision for GTFO is to be a challenging and extreme horror shooter, where resources are scarce and every piece of equipment you find down in The Complex may be what saves you from the monsters that dwell in the deeps. But we also know that sometimes you could need a little bit of help.

With that in mind, we are introducing our first-ever Easy Mode for GTFO. Starting today, all players can get access to an optional room before every expedition, filled to the brim with lockers and boxes containing medical packs. We felt that ammo and resource boxes would disturb the balance of the expeditions too much so for this time, we are only adding extra health. But we will monitor the feedback from the community and it may be added in the future. 

To gain access to this new difficulty level, just start your game and choose any expedition. The option to activate Easy Mode will appear on the left side if The Warden finds that you need it.

*Yes, this was an April fools joke. 

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